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Being Fiscally Proactive – What it Means and How to Do It

dollars-senseBeing fiscally proactive in your company or profession means that you somehow have to extricate yourself from the day-to-day workings of your business and focus on the big picture. It’s not easy, but it can be done with the right business accounting firm.

Why You Need a Business Accounting Firm

At Barrad & Shilling, we provide accounting services that give small- and medium-size business the breathing room to run their business. A key value to you and your business comes from our ability to establish systems and processes to handle the time consuming accounting and compliance issues that burden a small business. Many people seeking a business accounting firm believe their company is too small. They think Fortune 500 companies deserve CPAs, and that they need to grow a little larger to justify the expenditure. In truth, its small- and medium-sized firms that need the kind of experience and personalized service that we provide.
Barrad and Shilling is the ideal firm for clients that are interested in having a responsive and resourceful accounting firm that can help them achieve their goals. Ultimately we would like all of our clients to enjoy an enhanced quality of life and achieve the work/life balance that results from proactive business accounting and tax planning. In fact, the best size business for us to help is one that really needs a trusted and active entity that can manage routine accounting and bookkeeping tasks and also act as a sounding board to the business owners for all types of questions, ideas and problems.

Strategies, Scenarios, and Structure

Proactive fiscal planning can include having current and accurate financial statements for your firm in case you want to sell, or if you’re seeking investors and/or loans.  Tax strategies enter into any corporate planning activities, but we might recommend changing your company’s business structure, or we may suggest purchases instead of leases of equipment to minimize taxes while maximizing the chances of achieving the business growth you are seeking.


Some accounting firms specialize in tax accounting alone; some in management accounting. Barrad & Shilling specializes in being accessible to our clients whenever they need us. We return phone calls and emails promptly and give highly personalized service because we see ourselves as business partners, not just accountants. We are committed to aiding our clients’ success. Our fee structure is conducive to clients’ picking up the phone with questions without worrying about additional incremental costs, and our services are tailored to client needs: everyone is different. Most importantly, we seek to close gaps in information and expose vulnerabilities so our clients can anticipate and proactively manage the business challenges unexpected rather than being reactive and unprepared.

Bottom Line

Protecting your company through best accounting practices and attentive planning is our business. Your job is to be fiscally proactive, run your company, and work to secure the future of your business, your employees, and your family. Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping you do just that.