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As a small business we originally didn’t think we needed or could afford a CPA. We quickly realized that we couldn’t afford not to work with Barrad & Shilling! Making sure all the financials and taxes are done properly and on time is one of the most important things for any business, no matter the size, and they are the perfect partners to handle it all.

Author's imageShelly HorvathM-7 Speed, Inc.
My partner and I own a small business in the motorcycle industry. We quickly realized we would need assistance with complicated matters such as bookkeeping, payroll and tax filing so that we could focus on running the business. Barrad & Shilling came highly recommended by another business owner. We have now been working with them for over a year and could not be happier with their services. It is a tremendous weight off our shoulders knowing important legal matters like tax filings and payroll would be taken care of and done right. They also oversee our day to day financials with very thorough bookkeeping. They provide us monthly statements and are very proactive in making sure that our finances are in order and when they have a question regarding a transaction they quickly reach out to us so that it can be filed properly.

Our accountant Mary Jane has also helped us both out with our personal taxes and went far above and beyond by helping us get some tax issues settled from prior years. She also helped us come up with some ways to better organize our finances for the business and gave us some great tips for us to use in dealing with our investor. Nancy and Lindley also work with our company and are always very helpful and pleasant to work with and respond promptly when we have questions. Barrad & Shilling Accountancy Corporation has a personal feel that you don’t get with large firms and we get one on one service that we highly recommend.

Author's imageLevi T. & Monte D.Three-Sixty Motorsports

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I’m a Board-Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law with a boutique estate planning practice in Long Beach. I have been working with Jeff and MJ at Barrad & Shilling for approximately five years and I consider them good colleagues as well as friends. We met when I collaborated with Jeff on the administration and estate tax return for a mutual client who had recently lost her husband. Over the past five years, our relationship has deepened and I have trusted them to handle work for a number of my clients including estate administration, court accepted fiduciary accountings and tax return preparation.

After having an opportunity to see their work up close, I decided earlier this year to ask Barrad & Shilling to take over as my personal and business accountant. My previous accountant had done a perfectly fine job, but I was looking for a more comprehensive relationship that was focused on my broader financial situation rather than focused on the annual tax return. I appreciate the “all-inclusive” approach that Jeff and MJ provide to their clients and have been pleased to deepen my relationship with the firm. As a side benefit, in the first month after Barrad & Shilling began handling my accounting, MJ found an oversight in my previous tax return that resulted in a refund of a few thousand dollars.

Author's imageCurtis M. Kaiser, JD/MBACertified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
Jeff Barrad has been a trusted, deeply valued financial advisor to me and my firm for the past 8 years. His wise guidance results in proactively saving hard earned dollars in both my personal and corporate tax returns. He effectively and wisely guides me, my husband on both personal and corporate business issues. Thanks to the depth of Jeff’s expertise in trust administration, he expertly interfaced with our parents’ estate attorney and financial planner in order to manage the complicated process of separating my parents trust into the A and B trusts. Immediately afterwards, his advice was invaluable to both my sister and me and resulted in our ability to maximize our parents’ fiscal resources and implement tax-wise strategies in order to protect my mother’s nest egg.

Author's imageSandi Goldstein, CEO/PresidentThe Goldstein Group
I have been a client of Barrad & Shilling for over 30 years and simply cannot say enough about Jeff Barrad. My wife and I met Jeff through a mutual friend, and our taxes at that time, were quite simple. However, I was transferred by my company to Tennessee and then to New York and Connecticut while still holding on to a house in California. We put Jeff through the ringer dealing with different state taxes and a myriad of issues. Never once did Jeff complain and he always stood tall dealing with our trials and tribulations transitioning to becoming business owners and moving back to California. Jeff’s expertise and calm demeanor got my family and business through the toughest of times. He’s far more than a CPA! He cares tremendously, does his research, and comes back with very simple, thoroughly thought-out explanations on the right thing to do. I could go on and on about what Jeff and his wife, Nancy, mean to my family. They care so much and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to guide us through good times and bad times. They are simply the best thing that ever happened to my family and business!

Author's imageScott Merrin, PresidentSilent Partners
When we were referred to Barrad and Shilling by a friend (Scott Merrin of Silent Partners) who was gushing about the quality of their services, we felt it was probably too good to be true. Our past experience with others had been spotty at best. Barrad & Shilling have turned out to be a lot more to the Boutique Search Firm than a CPA firm: they are our sounding board, our informal tax advisor, our cash-flow manager. And a lot more. One of the things I appreciate the most is their efficiency and aptitude to deliver our monthly Profit and Loss statement literally within two days of receiving the basic information from us.

Author's imageBenoit Gateau-Cumin, PresidentThe Boutique Search Firm


My wife, Anne and I have practiced dentistry together for the past 30 years. We’ve successfully acquired two dental practices in the ’80s and built our dream office in Manhattan Beach 10 years ago. We have lived in the South Bay, raised 3 great sons and purchased three homes in this time span.

For the past 3 decades, Jeff Barrad, has been actively involved in all aspects of our financial affairs. We have worked with many professionals over the years and without any hesitation, Jeff has been the greatest source of financial information and solid advice for all of our professional and personal needs.

Jeff, along with his staff, manages all of our accounting, payroll and tax needs. Additionally, he has provided us with sound advice and strategic plans for all of our business acquisitions, personal/business financing and tax preparations.

There is no one else I would trust more than Jeff, when important financial decisions need to be made. Our family and business have excelled with the guidance Jeff has provided over the years.

Author's imageSteven W. Ozer, D.D.S.Beach Teeth
I am writing this letter to relate my experiences with Barrad and Shilling accounting services. I purchased my dental office in February 1995. In my first year of practice I used an accountant in Bellflower who came recommended to me by a close friend’s parents. As most can imagine starting out in business can be very stressful. The dentistry part I had down. I knew I needed experience and jumped right into caring for my patients and seeking new ones. My first year in practice I had a big wish list that grew every month of equipment and supplies I required to better treat my patients. I trusted my accountant to help me handle payroll, taxes P & L statements as well as estimates. I knew I had too much on my plate to try to comprehend all these matters. Near the end of that first year my business had a cash flow problem that was getting serious. I started to question the way my accountant was handling my estimates particularly. By chance I walked into Barrad and Shilling and made an appointment with Jeff Barrad. He looked at my P and L’s and helped me understand the cash flow in my business. He spotted an error that was made which actually had me overpay $20,000 in federal tax estimates. I was furious with my previous accountant and quickly came over to Barrad and Shilling. I was introduced to Jeff’s wife Nancy whom now handles reconciliation of my check book, and monitors my simple IRA contributions that Jeff has helped me set up. To this day I have the utmost confidence in Jeff and his team. He listens to me and my concerns and helps me navigate the waters of taxes and running a successful dental practice, so I can concentrate on quality patient care and staying up to date in managing a successful dental practice. Thank you, Jeff, Nancy and the entire Barrad & Shilling team.

Author's imageWilliam R. Walton DDS

Engineering & Construction

In the ten plus years we have been working with Jeff Barrad and his team, they have always provided top quality work products in a timely fashion. Whenever we have questions, Jeff provides clear and concise answers and he takes the time to make sure we understand.

Author's imageKen Saunders, PresidentArgos Engineers, Inc.
MJ, we would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided for our company.

It is not often that you find a company like yours, who actually cares personally about their clients. Your personal attention really is appreciated. You have been so helpful with giving input to our ideas regarding expanding our business. You are always available and willing to talk to us.

Your help with our SBA loan (which took almost a year) including writing up a business plan was amazing. Being able to have our audits handled at your office has been such a help! We have received input back from the Union Auditors and the Workman’s Comp Auditor how wonderful it was having such an organized set of reports. They said it made their job so easy and were pleased with the hospitality you gave them.

Our weekly payroll is such a breeze with Lindley handling it. It is also nice to know that Nancy is also familiar with our payroll, so that if Lindley was on vacation or out of the office, she can help me with any concerns.

I have had people say, “You like your accountant?” (They act like you’re the IRS). I laugh and say, “Absolutely!” I have referred Barrad & Shilling many times and will continue to do so.

Thank you again for your excellent service!

Author's imageMike and Laurie LaosComfort Commercial Services, Inc.
When we were getting our small business off the ground, it was important to us to find an accounting partner to help us navigate the numerous issues coming our way. Jeff, Nancy and the team at Barrad & Shilling, brought their experience and acumen, and took the time to really understand our business and our goals. Their patience and clear explanations helped define our path from start-up through execution of our business plan. We’ve been extremely satisfied with their timely completion of the various accountancy tasks – but more impressed with their dedication to their customers. We couldn’t ask for a better partner, and are looking forward to continuing to grow our business with their help.

Author's imagePaul Martin, PresidentPirtek – Long Beach

Health & Wellness

I have used Barrad & Shilling for my business and personal accounting as well as my payroll for almost 10 years now. The team at Barrad & Shilling is fantastic. They address and handle all of my needs in a professional and timely manner and are always there for financial advice, planning, and even personal advice! I would highly recommend them.

Author's imageAaron Freeman, PresidentEagle Eye Sciences, Inc
Working with Barrad & Shilling has been an absolutely wonderful experience. We can always count on them (Jeff and Christi) to help us with any problem. They handle our questions, concerns, and accounting with an unparalleled moral compass and efficiency in addition to being compassionate. We always come away from our conversations and meetings feeling comforted, safe and secure. It can honestly say I have no idea where our company would be without them; we are so lucky to have them on our team!

Author's imageCindy A Shaw, PT, OCSOwner and Director - Orthopedic and Spine Care Physical Therapy
In August of 2012, my business partner and I were getting prepared to open the doors of our first clinic. Although, we knew how to be Psychologists, we needed some direction on the in’s and out’s of reconciling our finances, pay rates, state and federal taxes, and all the other tedious but necessary paperwork that needed to be filed on behalf of a new business. After talking with numerous CPA’s, I found that Mary Jane, from Barrad & Shilling was open to answering all of our questions, giving freely of her time, and didn’t make it feel like a burden even though we had yet to agree to be her client.

After deciding to go with Barrad & Shilling, they helped make our first year of business a smooth one. We felt very supported, from the monthly reminders we received, to their hands on approach of dealing with their clients. It is great always being able to get a hold of them or having your phone call or email returned within hours. Mary Jane has even responded to emails on the weekends, that is service for you. In addition to the quick responses, Mary Jane is always willing to meet with us at our convenience at our place of business. Mary Jane is highly knowledgeable and tends to provide us with several options of solving a problem but ultimately leaves the decision up to us. It has been a great relationship for the past several years and we continue to have the same positive feelings that we had from the start. We would highly recommend Barrad & Shilling to anyone who is looking for their CPA to be responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable!

Author's imageL. Weber Psy.D. & L. Chankin Psy.D.Spero Psychological Services

Manufacturing & Distribution

When I started my new business, my business advisor at the California Small Business Development Center recommended Barrad and Shilling Accountancy and that advice turned out to be solid. Their competence, reliability and fast service in managing both my business and personal accounting and taxes allows me time to focus on my business strategy and operations.

Not only do they save me time, but over the past year they have more than paid for their monthly fee by helping me make smart decisions which saved me money. From my business set-up and funding to my personal taxes, Barrad and Shilling have been invaluable.

Author's imageMel Young, OwnerToolLodge Tool Drawer Organizers

Real Estate

Barrad & Shilling provides outstanding accountancy services for myself and my family, now spanning two generations. We have asked for their assistance with a variety of our businesses over the years, from a large regional uniform company and a portfolio of investment properties to real estate brokerage services and other endeavors. Barrad & Shilling continues to be an indispensable component for us, not only with our business needs as it relates to tax preparation, planning, and accounting, but also with our personal family accounting and tax needs. What has always impressed me is their ability to seamlessly adapt along with us and to keep up with the times, which has always given me supreme confidence in their guidance and wisdom. They continue to take care of us with absolute excellence and I foresee a continued relationship for years to come.

Author's imageJeremy HowardBroker & President - HPremiere Properties www.Hpremiere.com
I am the owner of Kato & Associates Appraisal Services, Inc., managing member of an LLC, and client of Barrad and Shilling Accountancy Corporation. My experiences with Barrad and Shilling are always professional and with the personal attention that is sometimes missing in business these days. They not only manage my business and LLC, but also my personal returns as well. I recommend Barrad and Shilling Accountancy without hesitation.

Author's imageAlan KatoOwner/Kato & Associates Appraisal Services, Inc. - Manager/ADOK, LLC
I have been a client of Jeff Barrad’s for over 10 years. His firm has helped with our payroll as well as business and personal accounting. I have always been treated with a personal yet professional touch. The insight provided by Jeff over the last 10+ years has been immeasurable. Barrad and Shilling has been there through the ups and downs and helped us to navigate and thrive in today’s tough market.

Author's imageZack GylerOwner/Fortitude Multifamily, Inc.


I have been a client of Barrad & Shilling for many years. They have been prompt with all our tax information and helped suggest strategies to benefit us with our tax situations. They go out of their way to give us time when questions come up, whether it pertains to our business or personal matters. We used to have a philosophy that we would stick with an accountant for three to five years and then change to another one. Thinking a new broom sweeps cleaner, but we changed that after experiencing Barrad & Shilling. We found them to be proactive in their interaction with us, their integrity and work ethics are beyond reproach; what more could we ask for? That’s why we have stayed with them for so long. Looking forward to many more years with them.

Author's imageArthur ShorCal Jewelry