Fiduciary Services

Specialists in Accounting for Trusts, Estates and Conservatorships

Slider4-Redwood-TreesOur mission is to provide high quality, accurate and cost-effective fiduciary accounting services to support our client’s role as Trustee, Executor or Conservator.  We empower fiduciaries by providing back office support to deliver an independent and impartial accounting and reconcile the inventory of assets.  In addition to taking over the time consuming process of reporting and ensuring that all accounting and tax obligations are met, we have expertise with court accounting, probate accounting, conservatorship accounting and trust and estate tax returns.

What we do:

  • Account for the assets on hand at the establishment of a trust or conservatorship
  • Establish and maintain proper financial and accounting records
  • Organize financial information for use in preparing fiduciary accountings
  • Prepare fiduciary accounting reports in accordance with California Probate Codes §1060-1064 to meet all court requirements
  • Prepare income tax returns (individuals, estates & trusts) and estate tax returns (Form 706)
  • Present summary and detailed allocation of assets and transactions among beneficiaries and prepare distribution schedules
  • Consult on a wide variety of tax and business issues
  • How we’re different

    We have the knowledge and experience for handling the full scope of accounting needs for fiduciaries who handle estates, trusts and conservatorships.

  • Why that’s important

    An organized report of activity by a third party and timely filed tax returns helps you meet your fiduciary obligations.  You will have more time to focus on your day to day responsibilities.