Nancy Barrad

Nancy“I came to bookkeeping in a roundabout way. With my B.S. in Computer Science and a management information programming job in an aerospace company, I soon realized my chosen profession was not a good fit for a mom. Long work and commute hours meant very little time during the week to spend with my children.

When Jeff offered me the temporary opportunity to set up a new computer and software system for his accounting practice in 1986, I jumped at the chance to regain control of my work schedule. As long as I was here, it made sense that I take over the bookkeeping and payroll for the practice, giving Jeff more time to spend on client services. From there, it was logical to cover for vacationing employees. Flash forward 28+ years and I still love my “temporary” position.

The thing that surprised me the most about becoming a bookkeeper is how much it suits me and how varied and interesting the work can be. I have always loved working with numbers and balancing a spreadsheet is like solving a puzzle. In our office, we work very closely with clients and responding to phone and email questions allows me to learn something new almost every day. Keeping the balance between interpersonal client contact, online research, and heads-down computer work makes the days fly.”


Personal — Interests and Family

  • Enjoys hiking up and down Signal Hill three times a week
  • Spends most evenings escaping into a book – always fiction – usually with plenty of thrills, blood and dead bodies
  • Works in the yard, propagating succulents, plays with cats, watches football, basketball or tennis, visits son and parents, eats in ethnic restaurants and drinks red wine on weekends
  • Is an avid camper and hiker
  • Likes to travel to hear her son Simon, an opera singer, perform